I’ve been getting tons of my holiday sets (and everyday themed stuff) finished lately… just in time for your holiday projects! Here’s what’s new…

I also have a new CU Freebie!  This one will on be free for a couple of days so get it now! :) After that it’ll be available for a low price..

 Thanks for reading and enjoy! :)

New Products, Early Grab-Bag and New Sample!!!

I got my new October CU Grab-Bag done wayyyy early this month, and I’m so relieved! I want to show it off, along with some other new products and a new sample! So here we go…

I just love this new Grab-Bag, it’s jam-packed with 5 full-sized CU sets, and I LOVE every single one! It’s a great deal, too- a $25 value for only $4.99! You can’t beat that! :)

These bittersweet branches just say fall to me! I love them and thought they’d make a great addition to fall kits & digital projects, so I just had to make a set of them! Here’s  a few more new products that I love!…

I love Halloween and ribbons, then realized I don’t have any specific Halloween ribbons… I came up with these, which I think is a fun mix..

I’ve been wanting to make some fabric flowers for a long time, and after many requests for them, I marched my butt to the fabric shop and came up with these! I have another set in the works too (I broke my scissors so they’re on hold for now! lol) Stay tuned for those, too!

These old buttons remind me of my gramma’s old winter jacket and her purse! I think they’ll be great when added to vintage and heritage style digital projects.

…and finally some fun silky satin strings. I just love the detail on them, they’re beautiful :)

I put together a couple new Value Packs, too… I’ve been kinda slacking in that department and figured I’d better get some together! I’ll have more coming soon, too, but in the mean time if you have any special requests for Value Packs, just ask :)

…. and here (after all my rambling!) is your new add-on/sample! Enjoy!!! :)

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