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SugarHillco’s Third Birthday Celebration!

We’re celebrating SugarHillco’s third birthday! Woot! Are you excited?! There’s lots going on, including a HUGE sale, new releases, and freebies!

ETA::: *I’m sorry, the sale is now expired, but please remember my new releases are always 25% off :)

(My shops are both on sale… My Personal Shop and My Shop at SugarHillco!)

This week I have 3 brand new releases, including my New Grab-Bag and two other new CU sets.

Retro Flower Beads, Volume 6 Crimped Ribbons, Volume 2

I’ve also added a contribution to the SugarHillco Third Birthday Collab Grab-Bag… A full set of realistic, colorful flowers! There are 15 CU packs in this collab for only $10! That’s such a great deal!

 Toot Toot! You’re riding along the SugarHillco Third Birthday Blog Train! You should have arrived from Krystal Hartley’s blog, and my stop is the last stop. If you’re just climbing aboard, you can start at the beginning here.

Here’s your freebie!! Enjoy it!! :) ………………**sorry, this freebie is expired**………………..



But wait, that’s not all! :) If you like the set below, you can get it free on my Facebook fanpage!
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First (Unofficial) Post of iNSD 2013!

DSD 2012 Sale and Acitivites!

Happy DSD 2o12! I hope you are all enjoying the festivities! I know I am pretty excited about it, I love that we get special holidays to celebrate our hobby! Well, I bet you’re wondering what I’m doing in my shop for DSD weekend! Well, I’ll tell you :)

I set all of my CU products on sale for a HUGE 50% off!

I also have two CU Grab-Bags for DSD. First is my usual monthly bag…

and a special DSD collab with Chelle’s Creations…

Now, with the sale you can not only get any item you’ve had your eye on for 1/2 off… but you can also get any of my New CU items on sale as well. I’ve added so many products lately.. ribbons, buttons, frames, and of course holiday/seasonal packs. Make sure you check out all that’s new! But that’s not it…

I also have a special CU freebie scavenger hunt for you! Well, it’s pretty easy to follow actually! I have not one… not two.. but THREE special CU freebies for DSD! And a couple of them contain more than 1 piece! You can grab one here on my blog by clicking the preview below. Then check out my Facebook Fanpage and my shop for the other two. Make sure you check out my CU sale, grab-bags, and other new CU products while you’re on your way.

*These freebies are expired, but you can still purchase them in my shop. Thanks :)

Enjoy all the DSD fun! Thanks for reading! :)

Happy DSD 2011!!! Lots of fun things going on at my shop this weekend!!!

Happy DSD!!! I can’t believe it’s already November, and Christmas is next month!! I’m pretty excited though, I even made a special Christmas themed DSD grab-bag. But that’s not all, my whole shop is on sale, even my new products!!! Everything is CU/S4H okay and it’s all great for PU too! I also have a new CU freebie! Check it out…

*image removed… sorry, the sale is over..*

This special grab-bag (below) will only be available through my DSD celebration! *expired now*

this free CU sample is an add-on to my Christmas tree ribbons set-

I have HUNDREDS of CU sets in my shop… buttons, ribbons, themed pieces, textures/overlays, and sooo much more.

Thanks for looking!!! Happy DSD 2011!!!

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