Happy Halloween

Wow, it’s the end of October and I’ve only posted twice this month! Life has been so busy! I can barely get a moment to myself to get on the computer anymore… and I thought that with my son in preschool I wouldn’t be so busy! I should’ve rethought that statement since we have another little one, but anyway :) Life is crazy and it is what it is… and I have a moment to finally pop in here, so I’m taking advantage of it! I thought I’d post a few new product previews, a little reminder of my October CU Grab-Bag, and give you all a little something! :)

Here’s a few new things I’ve added to my shop lately:

Woven Strings, Volume5

Straight RicRac Assortment


Layered Polka Dot Ribbons, Volume2

Raffia Pieces

I wanted to add a little reminder of my October CU Grab-Bag, because it’s expiring today! Don’t miss it:

October 2009 CU Grab-Bag

…and here’s a little sampler for you all too. It’s from my Raffia set (new this week!)

Raffia Piece Sample

Thanks for looking! Have a great weekend! :)

October Grab-Bag Reveal Part 1!

I haven’t done a reveal of my grab-bags in a long time, so I figured I’d do one for this month’s grab-bag! I’ll reveal half of the bag today, and the rest of it toward the end of the month. Sound good? :)

October 2009 CU Grab-Bag

Here’s the first few parts:

Folded Paper Set

Rubberband Wraps, Volume 4

Layered Buttons with Strings

 I’ll be back again soon with the rest of the reveal! :)

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