Terms of Use

Rachael’s Scraps CU TOU:
In purchasing or accepting my free products, you are agreeing to the following terms of use. This shall only apply to products you obtain legally from me. If you acquire my products in an illegal manner, you may not use them commercially in any way. Usage of my products requires that they be altered in an obvious way.
They cannot be used exactly as they are at the time of purchase. You need to either recolor, resize, add the products to other images, etc.
With this license you MAY:
* Use my designs to make digital scrapbooking kits. You may make S4H / S4O okay kits (scrap for hire / scrap for other kits).
* Use my designs to create physical products that you intend to sell, ex. mugs, shirts, tote bags, stationery, posters, stickers, calendars etc. in a quantity less than 500 items. (Larger scale creation of items may require an additional fee, please contact me for info).
* Use my products to create images for websites (not stock photography), as long as the images are flattened in jpg format whenever possible. You may not use them directly as a png file unless they are edited drastically and changed to 72 dpi. (All website usage requires that you change them to 72 dpi resolution).
With this license you MAY NOT:
* You may NOT use my products as is. They MUST be altered in some way.
* You may NOT give these images away to anyone outside of your household. This includes selling the as-is products or giving them away to others. Sharing / piracy is never okay. Please don’t be a pirate!
* You may NOT create a kit of similar elements to make a new set. Example: You may not use my ribbons (from one set or multiple sets) to put together a new ribbon set for sale or for free.
* You may NOT resell my products as new commercial use products.
* You may NOT create printable collage sheets or physical scrapbooking items with my products. Please contact me for requests, as I may make exceptions (and charge an extra fee) but contacting me is required!
Credit is not required, but of course it is always appreciated. However, you may not claim my products as your own if asked.
Any questions or requests for usage not described above, please contact Rachael at rachaelsscrapstore@hotmail.com